Worst Winter in history! Terrorists still at large!

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Worst Winter in history! Terrorists still at large! Empty Worst Winter in history! Terrorists still at large!

Post  HST Jacob on Fri Jan 18, 2013 6:48 pm

The snows started during Hurricane Sandy and just haven't let up. A cold front has been stuck in the valleys of Western Pennsylvania for months now and the cold weather shows no sign of relenting. Record lows continue to pound Pittsburgh week after week.
If Endron hadn't moved into Pittsburgh when it did, with it's deal for plentiful natural gas, there would have certainly been a shortage this winter.
Luckily dude to Mayor Daystrom's initiatives Pittsburgh's homes and businesses have been kept warm throughout this terrible winter.
Other nearby cities are in talks with Endron and Nathaniel Daystrom to expand the use of Endron's natural gas wells towards their cities as well, as they face depleting Natural Gas reserves.

The "eco-terrorists" behind many attacks on the area's gas wells and refineries are still at large. Recently they attacked the Mellon building downtown, and several were injured along with a few deaths. Information is still coming in regarding this attack.

Local citizens are up in arms over these terrorists, they can't understand why anyone would care more about the "possible" impact on the environment instead of the safety and warmth of their families. A few news outlets have been discredited and ridiculed due to their initial attempts to also play the environmental card against Endron.

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