Children of Terrorists to be released

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Children of Terrorists to be released Empty Children of Terrorists to be released

Post  HST Jacob on Tue Feb 07, 2012 3:40 pm

Prominent human's rights/environmental lawyer Jensen Brant finally convinced judges to release all members of the "Mosley Terrorist Group" under the age of 16. That is exactly twenty four girls and boys who will be allowed to go free.
Unfortunately, if a guardian does not arrive to pick up the children then they will be enrolled into foster care and enter the system. The children will be allowed to be released until this friday, the 10th, until midnight, after which time they will be committed to state care.

This legal battle has been on going since the Mosley's capture during the fall. The huge faction of environmental terrorists was apprehended at their compound in Western, PA.

Currently there are still three members of the group that are wanted by the police. These ring leaders evaded capture and are considered to be extremely dangerous. One Emmet Mosley, one Magnus Peterson, and one Serge Petrovski.

If you have any information on these criminals please contact the authorities immediately.

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