Terrorists Attack Steel Tower

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Terrorists Attack Steel Tower Empty Terrorists Attack Steel Tower

Post  HST Jacob on Wed Feb 01, 2012 4:03 pm

The UPMC/Endron Steel Building in downtown Pittsburgh was attacked over the weekend by a band of terrorists who have been identified in conjunction with the terrorists apprehended a few months ago. Explosions and gunfire rocked downtown Pittsburgh as the terrorists were repelled by the building's security personel. It is reported that 3 security officers were killed in the exchange, and several more injured.

"This attack is outrageous and will not be tolerated. Despite any sort of environmental controversy that may surround our natural gas industry, the taking of human life is ridiculous and will be met with the utmost resistance." Said Mayor Daystrom in an interview the day after the attack.

Two of the attackers were identified as one Magnus Peterson, and one Serge Petrovski. (Photos included in the article. Magnus' photo is blurry as if taken by a security camera, but Serge's photo is his DMV photo) Both are considered armed and extremely dangerous. The FBI and ATF's investigations into the local terrorist have determined that these two individuals are connected to the "Mosley" terrorist group that was apprehended a few months ago.

"These terrorists have attempted to break out their captured comrades on a few occasions, and continue to plague our city. We call on federal assistance to defeat these well armed extremists." Said the Pittsbugh Police Commissioner.

Obviously most environmental groups are condemning the actions of these terrorists, except for Peta who has not issued an official comment, but from the blogs of certain members of the group it would seem the group is in support of these extremists.

If you have any information about these terrorists please
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