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Post  ST_Meiser on Tue Jun 24, 2014 11:42 am

Hey, so this is one of those things that should probably be posted to every channel we have, and not just discussed on facebook.

In order to not interfere with the 4th of July or the Vampire game, we are pushing back the next Werewolf game to Saturday July 19th.

The part where HST Chris will be back by then is a bonus. See you all then.


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Post  Sings Like Rain on Wed Jun 25, 2014 12:30 am

Thank you, Number One! (If you don't like Riker, we will think of another nickname Smile )

I have yet to make my ST account and all that jazz, so forgive the posting on Much-Blood's account.

I'm sure we will have a few things to discuss at wrap as well. I will be there by 6:30 -though if my carpool is able to get us there early I will be there early. (I'll keep y'all posted).

I will have my wisdom teeth out the day before, so you are all in for a treat (that also means if you discuss things with me I WILL need it in writing on a note card or email, just in case) ALSO... I will give mad props to the person who knows where I can procure a liquid meal (like a bomb ass smoothie) for my dinner that night. Double props if it happens to get handed to me when you walk in (don't worry, I'll give you money for it if the offer is made!)

If there is something you want the staff to have in our minds when we meet up next (it won't be until after July's game) write up an email and shoot it to us. If there is something you want to tackle at this next game - write up an email and shoot it to us.

I have questions for you guys as well to fuel the "Give the STs something to put in their brains at their meetings" -

1) What villains/monsters do you really like that are under utilized? (For example: There are weird things in Book of the Wyrm that are just woogity. or maybe its an archetype...)

2) What kind of "good guys" do you want to see?

3) What sorts of plots are you interested in seeing come along? (Ex: Locations -Urban, wilderness, umbral; Themes - Redemption, hard choices, comedy, tragedy; etc. et al.)

4) What is a personal goal for you (or your character)?

I'm not linked in to the ST email addy yet, so feel free to CC me on my personal address if you send stuff in before next game.

Love ya! Miss ya! Glad I only missed one game! Hope you all didn't cause too much trouble in that one game!
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