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Post  Joseph Alvarez on Mon Jul 29, 2013 5:22 pm

By our House Rules trait caps are different from those in the book for Athro and Elders (the sliding scale using a Primary, Secondary, Tertiary cap system).

I get it. It allows for specializing, so that all high ranked PCs aren't bidding the same things. It gives an Adren a chance against an Elder in specific circumstances because the Elder has to specialize. It's not a bad rule, but I have concerns about it.

My concern is three fold:

1) With this in place when PCs visit other games they will be handicapped for not having "Max Traits". (This can be solved by STs letting us "buy stuff for use in other games", but....)
2) If we are allowed to buy up to the book max for purposes of traveling, then we are spending points on things we can't use in our own game (and therefore handicapping ourselves at home by spending points that do not benefit us).
3) When visitors come, they are handicapped as points they spent are now useless.

Yes - I realize that it's only 3xp for Athro and 6xp for Elders, but that's 3-6 abilities... 1 or 2 gifts... a merit.. lots of other things that could swing a plot/combat/PvP one way of another, that the points could have been spent on rather than "travel traits".

Also... is this for ALL shifters? Or only Garou?

Joseph Alvarez
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Sliding trait caps Empty Re: Sliding trait caps

Post  Juno Adams on Tue Aug 27, 2013 10:13 pm

Here are my thoughts for what you have listed:

1. As far as visiting other games, the primary reason I travel with my RATR PC is for roleplay. For the most part, I'm not going to be using my traits because I'm not throwing hands.
2. As far as point spending and wasting points, I build for the game I'm going to primarily play in. But I've always thought the "Keeping up with the Jones" rule was silly. Fo' Real.
3. As far as visitors go, their traits will be brought down one or two traits depending on the rank. They're tempers aren't even getting touched as far as those caps. Honestly if those one or two traits make or break an Athro or Elder sheet, maybe they should think about how they've been spending points to begin with.

And honestly? How often do RATR pcs travel that spending points for travel stuff is even relevant? I <3 my Pittsburgh peeps, but honestly they travel to other games once maybe every 6 months. (I think you guys are due for a visit and crashing at my place! ;D) And I "travel" with my character sometimes because I just so happen to live close to other games.

In conclusion! I don't see the sliding as a problem for the game. I also think it helps out those who are under the rank of Adren a little. #twocents
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Sliding trait caps Empty Re: Sliding trait caps

Post  Arthur Alerick on Thu Aug 29, 2013 12:10 am

A visitor would have no more dead points on their sheet as would a home-game character of equal rank who spent to travel. I have no sympathy for incoming characters because guess what? They have gotten gifts, fetishes, and rites, in whatever game they come from, that a home-game character would have to work twice as hard for, spend experience on that normally wouldn't require it, or might not even be allowed to have it at all. So I have no sympathy for a traveler who goes "oh no, I lost a couple points on my sheet."

Now I do understand the problem with home-game PCs that spend extra being disadvantaged vs home-game pcs who don't. But without removing the house rule entirely I dunno how one would fix it.
Arthur Alerick
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Sliding trait caps Empty Re: Sliding trait caps

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