Sabbat Game and scheduling

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Sabbat Game and scheduling Empty Sabbat Game and scheduling

Post  HST Jacob on Mon May 20, 2013 5:57 pm

As announced previously, we have been working on starting up a Sabbat Satellite game in conjunction with Rage Across Three Rivers.
Such a game would take place in the same world, as a satellite of our game, meaning that it would be apart of OWBN right away.

I've gotten alot of interest in this both within by locals and traveler from surrounding Sabbat games. There are 3 Sabbat games within a few hours driving distance from us, and another 3 or so within 5-6 hours driving distance from us, and alot of those players will travel the 6 hours to go to other Sabbat games, so they keep bugging me about when we are starting up our game.

The issue is when we can run it. As of right now, we are thinking of taking Garou back to Sat a month, and doing the Sabbat game the other Sat of the month.
If we did this we might end up playing longer each day, to get some more time in on each game.

Ideas and feedback would be appreciated.
HST Jacob
HST Jacob

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Sabbat Game and scheduling Empty Re: Sabbat Game and scheduling

Post  Jayden C. on Tue May 21, 2013 1:05 am

My opinion: I prefer Garou to Vampire and since I don't travel these days I'd only get to play my character 12 times a year, which would stink.
Jayden C.
Jayden C.

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