Recent ideas, exp issues, and house rules updates.

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Recent ideas, exp issues, and house rules updates. Empty Recent ideas, exp issues, and house rules updates.

Post  HST Jacob on Mon Jan 28, 2013 6:23 pm

We have been talking about a few ideas as the game gets older and PCs become more powerful.

The first is how hard it is to jump back into the game after losing a old character.
So I will be instituting a new rule when dealing with this that will be going into the house rules.
If your character dies to storyteller plot, then you get 5 build points towards your next character per rank your character was.
So for example, if you are an Adren, and your character dies to storyteller plot, then you will be awarded 15 build points towards your next character.
This does include losing your character to pvp.
Sometimes these lines can be blurry though, and will be examined on a case by case basis if such a blur exists.
This means you can also get up to 10 points for a background, and roll over unspent EXP from your last character.
We will not be awarding over 30 start up exp though for any reason. So if you die as an adren, get 15 build points, turn in a background for 10 more (and that would require a stellar background to get max points on that), then that is 25 build points for your new character, that means the most you could rollover from unspent is 5 bringing it to the max of 30 extra build points for a new character.

We will also be instituting the "Rank" Background. It's a background that you can only buy at 1 or 5 points, at character creation. The 1 point background for "Rank" allows you to start the game as a Cliath. 1 point is no big deal and anyone could get it. The 5 point "Rank" background lets you start off as a Fostern. This will only be allowed at ST discretion. Don't expect to be allowed to purchase the 5 point background if you are a new player to the game. It's for experienced players who have proven the understand being a higher rank.

On the note of EXP, if you show up to game for 15 minutes, sign in and will be not awarded EXP for that session.
There are always exceptions, like if there is an emergency and you have to leave, then you will not be penalized for that of course. Just talk to the staff and we can work that out.

Other House Rule Update...
We will be instituting a rule from TT and translating it to Live Action for our game.
If you are an Adren, then you are 1 trait up on your Willpower challenge to resist Frenzy.
If you are an Athro, then you are 2 Traits up on the challenge.
If you are an Elder, then you are 2 Traits up and receive a free Retest on the Challenge.

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