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The new warzone Empty The new warzone

Post  HST Jacob on Tue Sep 25, 2012 2:06 pm

At the end of Sibcon, a bubble of energy was raised around the city. It is invisible in the real world, and appears as a bubble of black energy in the umbra.
It is a sphere, going below the ground as well.
No supernatural can pass this barrier. Spirits, Garou, Kinfolk, Mages, Fae, Fera, etc are all stuck on one side of the barrier, or the other.

"The City" section of the forums is all considered inside the barrier. Though someone could come to the edge of the barrier from the outside and interact in those forums that way.
The Barrier covers downtown, and some ways into the suburbs. It covers to McKnight Road in the North, alittle into Mount Washington in the South, past Squirrel Hill and the Homewood cemetery in the east.

This means that everyone living in the city at the end of the event, including alot of the Kinfolk PCs, are now stuck in the city.

Any other questions should be pursued ICly.

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