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Spending XP and Renown boards Empty Spending XP and Renown boards

Post  HST Jacob on Sat Jun 30, 2012 2:29 am

So when you want to spend xp or add rites to your sheet, when you send in your email to the ST list you need to put
your character name and "XP" someplace in the subject line of the message.

Also, renown is suppose to be a public thing. The spirits carry the deeds of Garou to the nation.
So we will be creating a board on here for the stories of renown.
Stories will be posted to the board as new posts, and you may even put at the end the renown you think that the story deserves by the book.
Obviously many stories involve multiple PCs, so when you are telling a story for the renown of a PC, please try and include all the Garou that were involved (unless you want to leave someone out on purpose of course).
Remember that we don't go exactly by the book renown amounts. Usually it's going to be about half of what the book says.

Now when you are posting these things there will be two different ways to do it.
One will be telling a story. Stories tend to earn those involved alittle more renown. Remember that if a non-Galliard tells a story though then they are acting outside their auspice role and will lose renown for it too (though overall it could still end up netting you renown, especially if you can't find a Galliard worth posting your story for you).
Second way to post is just a matter of fact way of saying "this happened". You aren't going to tell a story about how you learned a new rite to gain wisdom, or about how you held a sept postion for several months to gain honor. Posting those is not considered posting a whole story via a Galliard, and therefore you won't lose renown for doing it as a non-Galliard.

Though, if you don't have any stories told about you, then the spirits will start to question whether or not you are a story worthy Garou. Other garou should also question this as well. Which should lead to RP and hopefully be dealt with as a social stigma ICly. We'll see how that goes.

STs will then respond to stories or posts with the actual renown earned. So it will all be up there, and public. So anyone can track their renown gain, and anyone else can tell what sort of renown people have, since Rank isn't everything when it comes to standing, your renown is suppose to earn you respect as well.

So yeah, Galliard will have some work to do with this, so to convince them to tell your stories, there might need to be some IC bribes going around, or favors exchanged, in an effort to make the Galliards Auspice role more important in the game than it is right now.

Now there is the possibility to earn renown still without others knowing it. Like Shadow Moots and Shadow Renown.
A locked forum that only Shadow Lords will have access to (and STS) will be created for Shadow Moot stories, and Shadow Renown.
Also if you want to send some sneaky thing you did that should earn you renown but don't want the world knowing about it, then you can send it to the ST list...but that shouldn't be the norm, and you'll only get renown that way a few times ever, since most Renown is very public.

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Spending XP and Renown boards Empty Re: Spending XP and Renown boards

Post  Richard Baroke on Thu Jul 05, 2012 3:20 am

As part of this new boards will players be told what they currently have, in ways of renown (or lack/negative there of for my case), so we can start tracking it our selves?

With this new XP statement, what kind of turn around should we expect? (so we know if you got the email or not and if it was approved/denied)
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