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Post  Endures the Storms Fury on Wed Nov 23, 2011 5:27 pm

With all the confusion during the last series of events, Endures the Storm's Fury will be approaching everyone asking what assets they have and are willing to let the Sept make use of for defense and maintenance.

Things such as what Rites are known, what fetishes are out there, what funds, kin, other aids we have at our disposal.

Additionally, Granite made it known to Wakes-the-Wyld-Rhya that the ley lines Stone Helm redirected to enrich the caern require maintenance. With gifts of Gnosis, Grantie can create a larger brood to help maintain things. I know we have Rite of the Cup and would like to have everyone in the sept that is willing to volunteer some gnosis on a regular basis ((OOC: each game)) to donate what they can to Granite to help ensure that the ley lines remain strong. This will be until Granite feels confident that the ley lines are secure. This is entirely voluntary.

I also want to know if anyone would volunteer to do recon on the Blight downtown. We need to start gathering information and allies. Spiritual and mundane.

Endures the Storms Fury
Endures the Storms Fury

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Post  Ash Andrews on Fri Nov 25, 2011 4:42 pm

I have access to a small amount of funds as well as some influence with High Society and local Universities. I am more than willing to donate gnosis to granite.
Ash Andrews
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