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Post  ST Tom on Sun Oct 30, 2011 3:21 am

1. Use common sense.
2. When posting in an In Character forum keep Out of Character chatter to a minimum.
3. Storytellers have the final say.
4. Posting on this Message Board, In Character, is signing your character into Rage Across Three Rivers. Our houserules are in effect.
5. Storytellers from other games may observe, and create handles to do so.
6. Check Time Stamps on posts to keep a consistent chronology. We encourage all posters to Time Stamp your scenes.
7. If something requires a test or challenge it will need to be worked out through Storytellers.
8. Any scenes of a sexual nature should be done in private email, not on the message board.
9. If a Storyteller calls for a Time Stop, the scene is on hold.
10. There will be no real combat on the boards. Any attempt at combat that isn't completely narrated to the satisfaction of all parties involved will result in a timestop until the scene can be run in person. Any scene that will certainly lead directly to combat will also result in timestop.
11. Any test deemed, "important," by the staff, whether combat related or not, may also result in a timestop until the scene can be officiated in person.
12. Multiple PCs controlled by the same player may not be directly or indirectly involved in the same scene.
13. Everyone who signs into this forum is expected to read and obey these rules.

I'd like to add a thank you to Under an Eerie Moon, Heartland Alliance, and Wyld Prophets for a framework of good forum rules concepts and forum structure.
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