Moved thread about new House Rules discussion about Spend Limits

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Moved thread about new House Rules discussion about Spend Limits Empty Moved thread about new House Rules discussion about Spend Limits

Post  HST Jacob on Mon Mar 05, 2012 7:17 pm

So i'm moving this to it's own thread.

Spend Limits. Now first i'd like to explain why we feel spend limits are important. They are suppose to help represent the powerlevel of the Gifts and powers that they limit.
When you read the TT books, and understand the way that the powers work, spends are representing Successes on one's role.
In TT, on the majority of the powers from the books, it's very difficult to get more than 4-5 successes, and getting 7+ means you really stacked your shit to do that thing. But in MET it's just simple spends, so if we don't limit those, than you could spend 10+ on a gift, that if you rolled the same gift in TT you'd only get 3-5 successes on. So it's important to try and represent those powers accurately.

Now our current system isn't really doing that either. Such successes would come from having higher attributes, tempers, or abilities on the rolls for the gifts in question, not be based off of the level of the gift.

So here is a new idea for a suggest system, that may not only make this more represented by the ability of the PC, and the way they build, instead of an arbitrary number.

Spend Limits:
1 for Cliaths and Fosterns, 2 for Adren and Athros, and 3 for Elders.
You may spend an additional amount equal to your permanent rating in the appropriate ability retest for the power in question as well.

What does this mean?

Well let's say you are a Fostern, and you use True Fear on someone. Let's say you have 3 Intimidation ability too. You can spend 1 Mental for Rank, and 3 Mentals for your Intimidation ability, for a total of 4 traits. Since True Fear gives you one round of fear up front, that would be a total of 5 rounds of fear on your opponent.

This system should better reflect the build of the character, and also make abilities WAY more important than they were before, like they really are in the TT game, were they pretty much are a huge factor in determining how many successes you would end up getting on the activation rolls for these powers.

I know alot of Gifts retest with Occult, so if we instituted this, we would dive back into the TT books, and actually look up the appropriate ability retests for alot of the gifts that WW was too lazy to spell out a retest for, making Occult allittle less of the ultimate ability for Garou, which in truth, it shouldn't be.
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