New Mayor works to build business in and around Pittsburgh

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New Mayor works to build business in and around Pittsburgh Empty New Mayor works to build business in and around Pittsburgh

Post  HST Jacob on Mon Jan 16, 2012 11:19 pm

Pittsburgh's new mayor, Nathanial Daystrom, worked with a recent energy commission that was establish in Pennsylvania to open up new natural gas wells in and around the greater Pittsburgh area.
The talks with local energy firms and corporate giant Endron had stalled recently when the commission of local energy firms hired a talented local corporate law lawyer named Jensen Brant to represent their interests. Brant had worked diligently to stall the corporate take over of local companies' claims to seven different major natural gas reservoirs deep in the earth.
Mayor Daystrom offered to help mediate the dispute claiming that the local companies had held these gas claims for years, yet did not possess the means to carry out such large operations. Despite Brant's opposition, the local companies eventually came around and worked with the mayor to establish leasing the gas claims to Endron for an undisclosed amount of money.

"This deal will allow Endron to bring thousands of jobs to the Pittsburgh area, and still properly reimburse our cherished local energy firms. When presented in such a way our local companies understood how important this deal was and made the right decision to help the economy of Pittsburgh grow. This city certainly has bright days ahead of it." Mayor Daystrom made this statement during an interview with the Pittsburgh Post Gazette shortly after negotiations had been concluded.
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